SRE Teacher Review

In response to the outcomes of the review of Special Religious Education and Special Education in Ethics, the Diocese of Wollongong has developed a simple SRE Teacher Review process.

This process of self-reflection and self-evaluation, classroom visit and observation and post-visit discussion, is designed to assist Catechists (SRE Teachers) in further developing their skills in the classroom. It is a good opportunity for Catechists to be supported and encouraged in the important work they do. Catechist are visited by request of the Catechist or Parish Coordinator OR are randomly selected from the 650+ Catechists in the Diocese.

If you would like support in your classroom and would like the encouragement of a classroom visit, please don’t hesitate to contact your Parish Coordinator or your regional CCD Office (see Contact Us)

overview of sre teacher review process

  1. Catechist is contacted by CCD Support staff or their local parish to indicate that a visit will be occurring on a specified date.

  2. Catechist receives a copy of the SRE Teacher Review Process document.

  3. Catechist completes Self-reflection Questionaire (11 yes/no questions).

  4. Catechist completes Self-evaluation form (5 teaching evaluation questions).

  5. CCD Support staff member meets with Catechist before the lesson. CCD Support staff member asks Catechist if there is any particular area they would like feedback about or support in.

  6. CCD Support staff member observes lesson (does not participate in the lesson).

  7. CCD Support staff member meets with Catechist to discuss observations and provide feedback.

  8. CCD Support staff member provides a copy of the completed SRE Teacher Review Process document to Catechist and files original securely at the Office of the Bishop.

View/Download SRE Teacher Review Process document.