Curriculum Information 

Christ Our Light and Life is the approved curriculum for use in the Diocese of Wollongong.


The 3rd Edition of the curriculum series Christ our Light and Life is designed for use as the main resource of Special Religious Education (SRE) for Catholic children attending public schools. The series is for parents, priests, catechists and others involved in the ministry of Special Religious Education. This series will be most effective in teaching contexts committed to the Gospel of Christ, to Sacred Tradition, and to the magisterium of Christ’s Church. 

The Christ our Light and Life series aims to provide an environment in which young children may fall ‘in love’ with Jesus the Good Shepherd and develop a real relationship with him. They will discover both personal union with God, and their membership of a Church established by God. They will learn how to become like their Saviour – in the home, in school, in the parish and in the world. Christian virtue and Christian truth become the foundation for the whole of life.

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Syllabus outcomes, Scope & Sequence

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