Catechist Training & Formation



As Catechists, we believe that being involved in training and formation isn’t just prerequisite for being involved in the Catechist ministry but a healthy mindset for us to have in life. As Catholics we should be seeking to learn and grow throughout our lives, no matter what age or stage of life we find ourselves.

Our introductory training course contains a mix of practical and theological topics but as we move into the higher levels of training, we look more closely at Catholic teaching, spirituality and theology. Our training is designed for Catholics at all levels of understanding and experience.

mandatory training

  • The Department of Education requires all SRE Teachers to complete Child Protection and Classroom Management training on a regular basis. In the Diocese of Wollongong, we expect Catechists to update this training every 2 years.

  • The NSW Conference of Bishops has mandated that all Catechists complete the following 9 modules of training: Child Protection, The SRE Teacher in Parish & School, The Development of the Child and Adolescent, Introduction to the Bible, Using an Authorised Curriculum, The Mission and Ministry of the Catechists, Classroom Skills - Questioning and Behaviour Management, and the Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church.

In response to this, the Diocese of Wollongong has created a mandatory training course,
Catechist Training Level I, that all new Catechists, whether teaching or helping in the classroom, must complete.

Our Courses


When: 1st term each year
Time: Fridays (Illawarra-Shoalhaven), Mondays (Macarthur-Highlands) - 9:30-1:30pm
Course Length: 5 weeks
Topics: Child Protection Training, SRE in the Parish & School, Classroom Skills - Behaviour Management & Questioning, Teaching Authority of the Church, Development of the Child & Adolescent, Children With Special Needs, Introduction to the Bible, Using an Authorised Curriculum, Mission and Ministry of the Catechist, SMARTBoard Training, Practicing Classroom Techniques, Using Visual Aids, Prayer, music & song in SRE, and Living our Faith


When: 3rd term every second year [Check Calendar] (Alternates with Level 3)
Time: Fridays (Illawarra-Shoalhaven), Mondays (Macarthur-Highlands) - 9:30-1:30pm
Course Length: 6 weeks
Topics: The Story of God's People (Jewish & Christian Foundations), Living our Faith: Christian Response, Gospel Narratives (The Christmas & Easter Stories), Faith & Belief: Understanding other Denominations, Catechesis & Religious Education, Dimensions of Child Development, Growing in Faith: Stages of Development, Faith Education of Children, Helping Children Learn about the Church, Moral Development & Values Education, Story, Song and Symbol in SRE, Teaching Children the Liturgical Year, Christian Initiation of Children, and Celebrating Sacraments of Initiation


When: 3rd term every second year [Check Calendar] (Alternates with Level 2)
Time: Fridays (Illawarra-Shoalhaven), Mondays (Macarthur-Highlands) - 9:30-1:30pm
Course Length: 6 weeks
Topics: Creation: Work of the Trinity, Reconciliation: Forgiveness of Sins, Healing, Morality: Life in the Spirit, Christ: Heart of Catechesis, Church: Mission of Holy Spirit, and Communion: Eucharist - Source & Summit


The CCD team also provides one off in-services throughout the year at central locations as well as in the Parish. Parish based in-services are arranged with the local Parish Coordinator. Previous in-services have included:

  • Child Protection & Classroom Management

  • Mary: Mother, model or madness?

  • Be the Boss of your Classroom

  • Advent In-service

  • Storytelling

  • Christmas ideas

  • Using visual aids

  • and more..

If you have a particular topic in mind, we can arrange to provide a training day for you.